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    Every Wednesday at 9pm we hold our 2 Meter Net on the club repeater, W8VTD on 146.970. You are invited to participate in these open Nets. Our Net Coordinator invites any and all licensed Ham's who would like to be a Net Control Operator to contact them and I am sure that they will  help you out. There best effort will be done to ensure that you will have  your opportunity to coordinate a Ham Radio Net. Your questions and concerns  are important and they will get back to you ASAP.

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WARA Repeaters Call Sign W8VTD

W8VTD 146.97 Repeater System

he "97" repeater is an "Open System"(1) providing coverage for radio amateurs  in the Trumbull County area with attention to availability and reliability.  It provides "Autopatch"(2), and general announcements services to all users.  "Autodial"(3), "Mailbox"(4), and some signal diagnostic services utilizing a  "DVR"(5) are available to WARA members. The repeater input is 146.37 MHz. A Sub-audible tone of 100 Hz is sometimes used to help manage interference on one or more receivers. Users are  encouraged to use 100 Hz tone for those occasions. The main repeater site is located atop Trumbull Memorial Hospital, Warren,  Ohio, where emergency power is available. Two remote receive sites are  established to improve repeater access in both Western, and North-Eastern  parts of Trumbull County.  The West site is the water tower at Newton Falls, approximately 10 miles  West of Warren, Ohio. The East site is located near Kinsman, Ohio,  approximately 15 miles North-East of Warren. Control equipment at each of the sites provides remote operator command and  control of each key RF and audio path in the system along with a courtesy  tone unique to the voted receive location. The RF equipment is all General Electric Master II consisting of a 100 watt  continuous duty VHF transmitter and receiver connected through a Sinclair  Labs 4 cavity duplexer to a DB Products 4-Pole antenna mounted on a 40 foot  guyed tower on the hospital roof placing the antenna more than 200’ above  ground. The main site also has two additional UHF receivers to receive  repeater input signals from the remote receiver sites in both Newton Falls  and Kinsman, Ohio. The remote receive sites are each configured as  repeaters with VHF receivers and UHF Transmitters capable of 40 watts RF  out, relaying VHF receiver audio to the main repeater site through  directional antennas, and are both capable of many hours of operation  without AC power.

1)"Open System" - does not require user membership or special  codes - available to all amateurs possessing the appropriate license class.

(2)"Autopatch" - an operating function where inter-connection to local  telephone service is available by remote Touch Tone audio commands (DTMF).

(3)"Autodial" - is a preprogrammed phone number initiated upon command.

4)"Mailbox" - is a user initiated message service.

(5)"DVR" - Digital Voice Recorder.

The control equipment at the main repeater site is an RC 850 by Advanced  Computer Concepts running V3.8 firmware. The RC 850 is interconnected with  a Digital Voice Recorder by Advanced Computer Concepts, an RVS-8 repeater  voting system, an external MODEM, and the main site VHF receiver.  The control equipment at the remote receiver sites is the RC-100 by Micro  Computer Concepts.

W8VTD 443.000 MHz Repeater System

The 443 repeater, like the 97 repeater is an "Open System" providing good  coverage to the densely populated areas of Trumbull County. It is also  equipped with an "Autopatch" network. The 443 MHz repeater site is located at the CD106 FM broadcast tower near  Warren, Ohio. The 8-Pole antenna is mounted on the West side of the tower at 375 feet, and is connected to the repeater equipment with a 7/8" heliax  cable. The repeater transmitter section power is about 60 watts, and the  receiver is equipped with a GAsFet preamplifier. Control and command  functions are handled by an RC 85 controller by Advanced Computer Concepts.


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